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about justin 21.Aug.2007
Justin at his drawing table Wow, itís about time I change that picture to the left. I was far younger then and had a load of pens. Another year has passed, so of course, Iím going to update this section. Letís start with a recap.

I was born on August 6th 1992 in the Bay Area. I never cared much for comics; this was the sort of thing that would happen after many years of inspiration. I started the strip back in 2002, drawing on a table in my closet. Since I did not know much at the time about cartooning, the supplies were cheap. I used Paper, 1 Pen, and pencils. My cartooning works have evolved quite a bit. It started when I bought the book, Peanuts 2000, for some dumb reason. Once Charles Schulz, of Peanuts, got me going, it got into the work of Bill Watterson, Jim Borgman, and Scott Adams. I do not have a favorite character, but I do like to draw some characters more than others. Speaking of favorite characters, the Blog is one. Check out the Blog and News pages, which Iíll update once in a while if youíre lucky. Any concerns, comments, or syndication contracts can be emailed to me. Check the contact page.

The Routine:

This year the routine is far different. Iím now in high school, but I have no method to draw comics in class. Therefore, the process is slower, and less gets put out. Usually what I do is on the weekends I draw late at night. During school, I try to wake up at 5:30am to pencil a comic. I take a good hour to pencil a comic. Inking takes 30 minutes. As for writing, I learned a lot from my 9th grade English teacher, so I think Iím writing funnier now. I slowed myself down for a while, I plan to eliminate all work comics and switch to school, because thatís what I experience. I need to make fun of teachers too. I try to stay away from using outside (World) references. Donuts, homework, and dress codes are easier, and funnier. Each cartoon starts as an idea in my notebook. I usually have a waiting process for my comic ideas to see inÖ 4 weeks if I could do it better. Dailies are drawn 4 x 13in. Sundays are drawn 9 x 14in. I design the panels and copyright stuff in PowerPoint. They are printed on paper where I draw the text lines, fill in the text, and draw characters. I letter with a 0.5 mm Pigma Micron pen. The line art is done with a Pelikan Fineliner size 0.4mm. Sharpies fill in the black. Once finished, itís scanned, reduced, and put on the website.

Justin H.