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Geoff often ponders these questions

faq 13.July.2005
Q: Why does Walter have that hat? A: Just like normal people have clothes, Walter has clothes and a hat that he has to wear everyday, plus he is bald so he is a little embarrassed so he wears his lucky hat.
Q: Why does Walter have a big nose and the other folks don't? A: Walter was naturally born with a big nose, period.
Q: If you look at the character bios, why are over half of the folks gang shy? A: Well, they inherited it from Walter, he is also shy. The only people that are not shy are the girls and Geoff. The girls are unexplainable and Geoff was adopted, so they are clear of the shyness.
Q: How can I ask Justin a question about Folks? A: Just click here (
Q: Does Justin have a Blog? A: Yes, just click here. It's a collection of ramblings and thoughts.