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meet the folks 10.July.2005
Hi, I'm Walter - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Fred - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Madison - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm June - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Bob - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Geoff - pleased to meet you!
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Justin Horstmann
Walter is the father of 6 children, who really make his life difficult. He is a volunteer substitute at his kids’ school. In his free time he likes to barbeque, eat donuts and drink coffee. He loves his hat and big nose; because he thinks it helps him get all the girls.
Fred never combs his hair. You can find him making sarcastic remarks at teachers. Fred’s backpack is often so heavy that he needs a forklift to drive it to school. He specializes in milk mustaches and playing with fireworks. His best friend is an ice cream cone.
Madison loves to hang out with her friends. Her hobbies include shopping, nagging, buying $2,000 purses and reading. She loves cooking a punching stuff. She often gives financial advice to her dad, Walter.
June is a teachers pet. She will often be annoying Justin while he is drawing the latest “Folks” comic strip. Having the fashion sense of a squirrel, she dresses in plain shirts.
Bob loves to destroy stuff. He loves to make fun of substitutes and not do his homework. His dark and spiked hair makes him irresistible. He hates homework and is extremely popular at school. Bob’s hobbies include power tools and destroying stuff.
Geoff has two hairs on his head; far better than his dad who has no hair. He spends his time going from house to house talking silly gibberish. He sees leprechauns who tell him to burn stuff such as the principal’s car. Geoff talks to donuts. He also hosts his own show; Adventures with Geoff. In the show he takes you on adventures of annoying his older siblings.
extended folks 21.Aug.2007
Hi, I'm Justin - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Ice Cream Cone - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Senor Smith - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm MrSmith - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Tim - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Mr.Smithmite - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Mr.Trent - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Dataslave - pleased to meet you! Hi, I'm Aman-duh and Pan-duh - pleased to meet you!
Introducing: all the other contributing characters that appear now and then in Folks. Aren't they a lovely bunch!?

Oh Walter!

Justin is the cartoonist behind “Folks”; he will be dealing with hard, real life situations like making more coffee. He hates summer reading and will snap stuff in half.
Ice Cream Cone He is shaped like an ice cream cone. He is known for wearing a polo shirt and a cherry on his head. The girls literally dig him…. with spoons. Ice Cream Cone often repeats himself, repeats himself….. and likes to bug the crap out of Justin. His is extremely stupid; after all, his brain is whipped cream.
Señor Smithy is the Spanish teacher at the kids’ school. He plans to someday take over the world. He forbids online Spanish translators, and encourages parents to break their kid’s wrists. He is famous for wearing a safari hat, and having a three foot mustache.
Mr. Smith was a teacher for the school, until he had a coffee breakdown and went crazy. He tries to “get funky” to motivate kids, hence the clown suit and wig. He raps for his students, and got fired. Mr. Smith has no where to go, so he sleeps in the school halls as a hobo. You can see him giving bad advice to teachers and students.
Tim is their barber. Walter sometimes goes just to socialize because he doesn’t even have hair. Tim is very nice and knows the kids very well. He surely loves his beard.
No one hates his job more than Mr. Smithsmite. He drinks coffee, promotes stupid policies, and smites people. He assigns the same homework over and over, and gives 50 page essays at the last minute. In college, he majored in negativity. He also encourages plagiarism.
We have no idea where their names came from. Aman-duh and Pan-duh (ta-da) are best friends and are the drama queens of the school. With purses more expensive than a small car, they are both always together. Every time someone says their name, the also say “ta-da”. Both get good grades and love taking a bite out of ice cream cone.
Dataslave is a teddy bear that lives with Justin. He has extreme A.D.D. and will drink coffee like a thirsty man in the desert. His name is ironic because he treats Justin like a slave. Whaaaa-puchhh…. Whaaaa-puchhh. He will swear like there is no @#$%ing tomorrow.
Mr. Trent used to be a boss of a DVD Kiosk company, until he .. Now he is a principal at the school. He loves to punish kids by making stupid policies. He hires complete morons as teachers. His works include hiring a dumb hill-billy, escaped convicts, crazy people, and even…. squirrels. He is also a coffee addict.