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Hey Guys – posted 12-26-09

  Life’s been great. I’ve had plenty of good times over the last half-year, good learning experiences, and fun adventures. I have, however, been completely oblivious to drawing comics. It wasn’t until I wrote about my love for drawing Folks in my college application essay that I realized how much I miss the craft. I haven’t drawn or even though about comics for so long. I never realized that the break up comic would be the last I had drawn. Comics have been a big part of my life for so long, but recently I’ve been so busy, that the last thing I worry about is making sure Walter’s hat still fits. I’ve decided to get back into it. For Christmas I received a Peanuts 60 year’s collection book, and believe me, I’m very inspired. Today was spent trying to get back into it; attempting to write comics, getting use to the old pens… I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve taken a big break, but I’m ready to start up again. 2010 will be a great year, I’m sure! Thanks for your support! - Justin

Apologies to Dan- Posted 2-25-08

  Apparently, Folk’s character, Ice Cream Cone, looks like one of my friends at school. Dan happened to read some comics and thought that dumb and stupid Ice Cream Cone looked like him just because their hair is similar. I had no intention of mocking him, or did I even realize it until he told me. I put the curly hair on Ice Cream Cone because I thought it looked like whipped cream with a cherry on top. He said, “The only reason I didn’t punch you in the face is because you said the chicks dig him [Ice Cream Cone]”. This really is quite pathetic; I don’t mock anyone at my school, I only use my teachers to “rip on”. Wow, punch me?! That would be the day… What’s wrong with the world these days?

Hello 2008, please leave 2007 – posted 12-29-07

  What’s the difference between a good comic and a crappy comic? You need dedication, hard work, good humor, and a good ability to draw. All of which I don’t have. Let me be the first to say, in terms of quantity- I sucked this year. I barely pulled out any strips and most of them weren’t even that great. In terms of quality; I think I’ve defiantly improved… drawing less comics gives me time to not think about drawing in school and focus on my work. I’ve had a lot of “koo-koo” teachers this year; therefore, you can expect there will be a lot of nice comics aimed towards evil teachers. I don’t even need to make fun of teachers or think of crazy idea about them, because they do it themselves. I simply take there snobby ways and present them in comic format. I set up quite a lot of character stuff; added characters, took some off. I set up some different text themes; like Ice Cream Cone, who can hardly speak English. Towards the end of the year I was so fed up with handwriting everything, I decided to write all the text in the computer. So far the only criticism I've gotten is that people say it’s less “cartoonish”. But people commended me saying that they are much easier to read and funnier. Writing on the computer allows me to see how I can position the text and I can edit the crap out of it. And so, I expect 2008 to be a great year. I’m trying to set up a schedule where I draw a minimum of 2 or 3 comics a week. I think this can be accomplished because I no longer have to handwrite anything which saves a lot of time. I’ll try to make 2008 the best year I can for you comic lovers.

Gone with the wind – Posted 7-4-07

  Gone with the wind is where I’ll be heading. I’m flying over to Japan for a week vacation. I don’t eat fish, so I might come back 10 pounds lighter. For folks, this year has a slow start. If you compare the dates from last year to this, it’s shocking. I’ve been kept busy most of the time, especially at work. I’ve also raised my standards in terms of writing and drawing. I’ve started to use some of my old pens again, which is why the shirt lines are thick and thin. The format is always changing, I’m never happy with it. Either I want it custom, or I want the usual 3 panel comic. Also, trying to raise awareness of folks can be a difficult task. I want your suggestions. Email me.

2006 Closing, 2007 Opening- Posted 12-22-06

  I’ll try to make this short because I am leaving on a 10 day vacation tomorrow and I need to pack. Basically, 2006 has been an exceptional year for Folks. The progress made throughout the beginning to the end truly epitomizers a great long year. Overall, Folks has taken an amazing stand in its qualities and viewpoints. Looking back at my News posts, I find it hard to believe that a whole year has passed by again. It’s seemed so short! In both 2006 and 2005, I have been switching through different styles and techniques I would use to draw the strip. After all this hard work, I realize that the method I am using now is simply the best. 2005 was officially the “startup” year, making 2006 the year to expand. The comic strip has also made many accomplishments… Some of my drawings are now published in my school newspaper!

On the contrary, 2007 will “rock the house”. Looking at my notebook, I have a smashing amount of ideas lined up. Many changes will occur to the website along with the actually content. You can look forward to meeting new characters. I’ve developed a list of traits and characteristics for current characters and upcoming ones; this list basically writes the ideas for me, so it’s easy traveling. Soon to come is a list of my favorite books and recommendations; also a page featuring my cartoons in my school newspaper. Next year I will be exploring many topics at home, school, and work. From stick figures to coffee, Folks will have it all!

Have a great holiday everyone!

Justin Horstmann

~Finally done with this! Time to go on a vacation!

Publication + updates- Posted 11/14/06

  First off, I’d like to say sorry for not updating the new, blog, or much of the website. My schedule has been an extremely busy one. Juggling my homework, projects, hobbies, and cartooning can be difficult to do all at once. However, I’ve developed a method to still create time to draw comic strips. This does not always work (the reason why I do not draw for days at a time). Anyway, I have managed to get some cartoons published into my high school (Archbishop Mitty High School- ) newspaper. I’m very proud, because it’s my first actual publication outside of I am also thankful to work with such great editors. We came out with an issue last month, and are coming out with a new one December 11th, I think. I’ll scan the art into my computer, and then try to upload some to show FolksFans. This new newspaper art will cause even more chaos in my time schedule – but I’ll manage. I have a few updates in mind… the original updates I never got to doing, the blog, logos, and page layouts hopefully, and a brand new stinking feature: the list. I’ve decided to create a list of all my books I have and the ones I used to learn how to cartoon (still learning). Additionally, there will be order links to Barnes and Nobles or Amazon if you are interested in these books. I am a comic freak; therefore, I have tons of comic books… so the list will be long.

100 strips- posted 9/11/06

  Well, the time has come for an announcement. After hours of fun yet tedious work; I managed to pull off 100 strips in a year. It’s been a good inning so far; so let’s not stretch in the final run. Never fear, the years not over!!!! So you can count on more characters, jokes, situations, and other stuff Folks would do. In case you just joined the bandwagon, check out our Blog for some cool discussions about world and home topics.

Sorry- Posted 7/22/06

  Sorry for not having updated the website with comics for a long time… I have been away on a Germany/ Italy/ Denmark trip… this trip took 4 weeks so I took a couple of supplies along to draw some comics… and I bought a notebook so I could store some ideas for back in the USA… I have a couple great ideas, so I am expected to remain busy for the following weeks! Also I have a new method I’m introducing; I eventually got bored with that 3 panel comic layout I have currently… the new method involves me playing around with the sizes of the panels. They will be better suited to the comic punch line I’m trying to arrive to. Hopefully this method will help me improve my folk’s acquisition.

Updates Soon to Come- Posted 4/13/06

  I have Spring Break next week. So for the beginning of next week there won’t be any new strips on the website because I’m going to Santa Barbra. I’m going to take by sketchbook along so I can rack up some ideas. Not like I don’t have any. So I will be enjoying vacation, will you? Plus soon we have new features coming out… first, a blog icon because no one ever sees the blog. Second, we will have presentation I’m putting together which has my top 10 favorite comic strips and a little text to go along with it. Plus, I might update the introduction on the meet the characters page. Enjoy.


  Yes, now available - Justin's ramblings about life and other topics. Just click here and enjoy!

Arial Font... What The? - posted 1/14/06

  Just in case you’re wondering why there has been Arial font in the last couple of strips is because of a simple reason; From now on the author’s messages and all captions will be in Arial font. I hope this clears a couple of your questions about my strip- Folks. Just a side note, I have a whole bunch of good ideas lined up for this week, so get ready! I just wrote this blog while I was waiting for Photoshop to open up. - Justin

Sweet mother of potatoes, 100 strips!

After I was finished uploading another strip, I took the time to count all of the strips in my library. Sweet mother of potatoes, I counted 105 strips. I was astonished, I had crossed the 100 line. Other cartoonists like Charles Schulz have over 18,000 strips; I can’t compete with that. Yet, I thought it was cool that I had triple digits, so I took the time to write this “news” article.

Goodbye 2005 - Welcome 2006

Goodbye 2005

  Recently, I counted the strips I have on my website, I counted over 100 strips. Over ¾ of my strips were cartooned during this 2005. I think 2005 has been an outstanding year. If you ask me, I’d think that most of the Folk’s evolution occurred during 2005. Most of the 2005’s days, I spent thinking about how to improve Folks and, of course, my 8th grade school work. So I am closing the book on 2005, I hope 2006 will be as good.

Hello 2006

  The New Year is upon us. I’m looking at my sketchbook, it looks like I have a lot of great ideas to kick off the New Year. I have the feeling Folks will undergo many changes 2006. Somehow I have the urge to get at my drawing board and start drawing comics to start into the New Year. 2006 will be a big year for me, Folks and academic wise. I will be graduating this year from middle school, another event every child has to go through. After the graduating party, I’m going to drink some apple cider and go directly to the drawing board.

From the guy that says goodbyes and hello to years,

Justin Horstmann